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LGBTQ Spaces and Resources in Baltimore

There are plenty of places and resources in Baltimore that are LGBTQ-friendly

                                                BMORE INCLUSIVE has an incomplete list of businesses that are LGBTQ-                                               friendly in Baltimore including businesses in Hampden and Mount Vernon

Our own SEXUAL HEALTH RESOURCE MAP lists locations of sexual health resources in Baltimore and includes information about whether they are LGBTQ friendly

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One business worth highlighting is Sugar. Sugar is a lesbian-owned, women and trans-operated sexual education center and store in Hampden.

The Pride Center of Maryland

An organization where you can find support and resources for the LGBTQ community in Baltimore is  The Pride Center of MD. They host programs ranging from support groups and art events as well as providing access to resources and advocacy for the Baltimore LGBTQ community. More organizations and resources in Baltimore can be found on the website of the Office of LGBTQ Life as can a list of LGBTQ organizations at Hopkins.

If you are looking for an LGBTQ-affirming healthcare provider or medical advice GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality allows for you to search for local LGBTQ-friendly providers. A compilation of resources to help find an LGBTQ-friendly healthcare provider or determine if a doctor is LGBTQ-friendly can be found here. Some health care providers in Baltimore that have centers providing LGBTQ-specific services, including trans-affirming care, are Chase-Brexton Health Services and Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health. Mental health support for LGBTQ people can be found at Hearts and Ears which has support groups and other community-building peer-support programs. The Hopkins Counseling Center also has an LGBTQ+ support group.

Planned Parenthood also offers several LGBTQ-specific resources. The Baltimore Branch only offers referrals for LGBTQ specific needs; however the branches in Gaithersburg and Prince George’s County offer Hormone Replacement Therapy and other LGBTQ specific services. The office of LGBTQ Life has a list of resources for trans people including primary healthcare providers, mental health professionals, speech therapists, electrolysis, and physical therapists. Once you have found a healthcare professional you trust, the GLMA has lists of suggested discussion topics for several specific LGBTQ identities.

Finding a Doctor or LGBTQ Health Services in Baltimore

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